Two-part training for PNLTFA members:

Morning Session (8:00am - 12:00pm):

Cybersecurity - What actually happens when you “delete” data from your computer? Interested in the information that computing devices may be keeping about you that would be available to someone with the right skills and tools? Both of these topics and more will be covered by computer forensic experts Steve Hailey and Mike Andrew, as they take you through multiple cases and investigations they have worked on.

Bios for the instructors:

Afternoon Session (1:00pm - 4:00pm):

Directors’ Panel for Investigations - Join us with a moderated discussion with the directors and chiefs of several state investigative programs and agencies discuss their programs and the type of fraud schemes their program investigates. They will share their goals, visions and how they interrelate and cooperate with each other agencies. This panel includes time for questions from the audience.

Panel members include:

  • Randy Littlefield, Chief of Investigations, Dept. of Labor & Industries
  • Julie Knittle, Assistant Director, Department of Licensing
  • Mark Couey, Director of Special Investigations, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Steve Lowe, Senior Director, Office of Fraud & Accountability, DSHS
  • Shannon Beigert, Director, Office of Investigation and Inspection, Dept. of Health
  • Doug Walsh, Director, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Attorney General’s Office
  • Nicole Ross, Assistant Director, Compliance, Dept. of Revenue

Current members can register for this training at the following link: